Active Directory Helper

The latest code for the project can be found on GitHub (and was formerly hosted on SourceForge)


This simple to use tool is designed to be distributed to a broad audience of users, both technical and non-technical as a means to easily query Active directory for user information and group members details.
Single User Results
When only one user is returned in the results, the display will change to show that user's details including their list of group memberships (different organizational unit and distribution list entries can be color coded) as well as their list of properties.
Details return include:
  • Name
  • Account ID
  • Title
  • E-Mail
  • Plus more..
Management Chain and multiple copy features
With a right-click menu pop-up, you can get additional details on the user and his/her management chain as well as copy list in several formats for pasting into other tools. You can always copy data from the result grid by selecting the cell(s) and using <Ctrl>-C
Link to your organizations on-line directory
Using the "Settings ->Configure On-line Directory Link Format" menu, you can enable linking into your organization's on-line user directory. This is especially handy if your organization doesn't keep a fully populated directory listing (such as a management tree). The directory just needs to have a configurable search URL! You tell Active Directory Helper where to put the parameter(s) and you're done!